Om kunstneren

Orlando Lazaro Ortega er en kubansk kunstner som bor og arbeider i Polen. Hans verk finner man på mange steder rundt om i verden, som Australia, Tyskland, Irland, Italia, USA, Polen, Cuba, Canada, Norge, New Zealand, Brazil og Nederland. Han har donert to malerier til BDS Norge. Herunder kan du lese en kort biografi på engelsk og se en video litt lenger ned.

I was born in Havana, Cuba in 1986, in the municipality of Centro Habana, in one of their most peculiar neighbourhoods: Victory, Actual Pueblo Nuevo.

My upbringing was marked by one of the most chaotic stages of the system in Cuba, called The Special Period. Since childhood I enjoyed painting, and at home I had very close relationships with pictures drawn by my grandfather, who is painter and Rotulista graduate at the National Academy of Fine Arts, San Alejandro School of Arts 23 and C Diaz Pelaez, Havana, Cuba.

I intend to communicate the stories behind my subjects and they often have a link to my life in Cuba and in general to the current and future situation of my country. Narrating the politics and society of Cuba. Trying to mix symbols and figures of other systems and cultures, I try to connect with the Cuban reality, some of my projects were censored in some places in Cuba.

In Havana I have participated in several artistic projects like the Havana International Photo, with the co-founder and photographer Brayan Collazo, and at the Galleria where photographer Roberto Carlos Medina resides, photographic producer and creator of Havana Photo-Tour.